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Chad’s Roots

Chad Toshiro Wolke is a sixth-generation resident of Hawaii whose roots in Puunui go four generations deep. He is the son of Lorelei Fukuda, a federal civil servant, and John Wolke, an Army Veteran. Chad’s grandfather, Donald Fukuda, is a Korean War Veteran and former math teacher at Kamehameha Schools – Kapalama and Dean of Admissions at the University of Hawaii. Chad dearly loved his grandmother, Namiko Fukuda, the youngest of 12 siblings, the daughter of a Japanese picture bride, and the strongest woman he ever knew. 


Chad’s ancestors have an incredible story that is familiar to most in the community whose ancestors came here for a better opportunity and taught their children the values of hard work, self-sufficiency, and family. Chad’s great-grandparents, Charles and Beatrice Fukuda moved into the district from the plantations of Kauai and Maui and raised Grandpa Donald and Great-Uncle Earl in a tenement building at the corner of King and Liliha Streets. Without a formal education, Great-Grandpa Charlie founded the Fukuda Tire Shop on Queen Street and worked hard and saved enough money to build a home in Puunui in 1939. 


Chad’s Background

Like many friends, neighbors, and residents of City Council District VI, Chad attended public school at Maemae Elementary School, Kawananakoa Middle School, and McKinley High School, where he played the trombone in the McKinley Band and Jazz Band. He also received his Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he was awarded the Kuykendall Prize for research. A proud boy scout from Troop 10, Chad earned the rank of Eagle Scout– scouting’s highest honor. Like many Hawaii residents, Chad learned about hard work at an early age as a waiter at Zippy’s, working alongside some of the hardest-working men and women he has ever known. 


Prior to running for office, Chad had the tremendous honor of working as a Congressional Aide to Congressman Ed Case, where he helped Honolulu residents, especially our Veterans, with their individual needs and advocated for all Veterans across the country through federal legislation and oversight. In the community, Chad formerly served as a member of the Liliha/Puunui/Alewa Heights Neighborhood Board and currently serves as a Museum Educator and volunteer at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum and member of the Yamaguchi Kenjinkai.


Chad currently lives in Downtown Honolulu, where he lives with his girlfriend, Asami Kobayashi, who also graduated from McKinley High School and UH, worked for Congressman Case and State Senator Donna Mercado Kim, and now supports federal relations and policy work at UH.

The Fukuda family sitting on the porch of the house that Chad's great-grandfather built in Puunui in 1939. 

Chad and his mother, Lorelei Fukuda, and Riley in front of  his childhood home in Puunui.

Chad's great-grandpa Charlie owned the Fukuda Tire Shop on Queen Street.

Chad in Washington, D.C. when he was working in Congress as a Congressional Staffer

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